Invex Investigation Agency, Inc.

Donald A. Bott - founded Invex Investigation Agency in 1971. Invex was one of the first full-time, full-service investigation agencies serving the Rochester, NY area.

After Mr. Bott's passing in 1998, the company was acquired by Stephen J. Tausch who had been with Invex as a Senior Field Investigator since 1990 under the direct supervision of Mr. Bott. Invex Investigation Agency, Inc. currently employs full-time investigators in Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse.

Amy E. Tausch

After receiving her BS in Psychology from SUNY Brockport in 1990, Mrs. Tausch was employed by ExxonMobil Corporation as a Right-Of-Way Agent. Her responsibilities included iinvestigating property damage claims, maintaining legal records and public relations.

In 1998, Mrs. Tausch joined Invex as Vice-President. As a Senior Investigator at Invex, she has personally logged over 10,000 hours of Claimant surveillance for insurance companies and has testified in Workers' Compensation Court and Civil Court cases numerous times. She is an expert in managing and investigating controverted compensation claims and is a licensed Notary Public.

In 2010, Mrs. Tausch became President of Invex Investigation Agency, Inc., transforming the firm into a NYS Certified Minorityand Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WMBE).

Amy E. Tausch is also founder of New York Warrior Alliance, a nonprofit organization established to assist wounded US military and their families through charitable works.

Vice President
Stephen J. Tausch

Mr. Tausch was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army after serving two years from 1981-1983 as a Military Police Officer. While serving, he was temporarily assigned to The Criminal Investigation Division as an undercover agent with the US Army Undercover Drug Suppression Team. As a result of several arrests, Mr. Tausch was required to testify in Criminal Court several times per month.

Upon leaving the military, Mr. Tausch worked several years as an undercover store detective, apprehending and processing individuals engaged in theft of store merchandise. This frequently required Mr. Tausch to testify in Criminal Court proceedings.

Mr. Tausch joined Invex in 1990 as a field investigator. He has personally logged over 30,000 hours of Claimant surveillance for insurance companies. He has testified at the Workers' Compensation Board numerous times and is a licensed Notary Public. In 1998, he became President of Invex and expanded the business to the Buffalo and Syracuse markets. He served as President until 2010 and then became Vice-President, naming Amy Tausch as his successor. This allowed Invex Investigation Agency, Inc. to become a NYS Certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WMBE).

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